Program do benchmarkingu cen transferowych


Benchmarking analysis, otherwise known as comparability analysis, is a set of activities carried out to relate the performance of the examined company to that of comparable companies operating in the same industry. The subject of comparison can be nominal values - for example, unit prices of products or hourly rates, but by far more often the subject of comparison is the achieved results expressed in the form of financial ratios.

Benchmarking is prepared obligatorily by entities preparing transfer pricing documentation (except for micro and small companies). However, we believe that benchmarking is such a useful method that it can also be successfully used in non-related companies for the purposes of profitability assessment or financial forecasting. The tool we programmed can be used by financial and controlling departments, as well as by the Board of Directors for decision-making purposes. Micro and small group companies, despite the fact that as of 2021 there is no statutory obligation to perform benchmarking, can prepare such an analysis in our program to safeguard their interests in the event of a possible audit by the tax authorities.
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